How to Register and Use Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide

Before you start, make sure you have a valid email address.

Facebook is a social networking website where you can connect with friends, family, the community, businesses and other groups.

To get started, visit Under "Sign Up," fill in your information, then click the green "Sign Up" button. (You’ll be prompted to prove you’re a real person by typing in some simple characters.)

Facebook will prompt you to add friends and information to your profile. Follow the instructions as they come up on your screen. If you don’t want to add personal information, you can skip many of the prompts by clicking "Skip this step" on the lower left of your screen as you go through the registration process. You can change your Facebook profile at any time, so even if you don’t follow the prompts right now, you can still add that information to your profile later.

Facebook will also send you an email asking you to confirm your account. Remember to look for this email and click on the link provided within it. Until you do so, your Facebook account won’t work properly.

To connect with the Bernard Betel Centre, visit the Betel Centre Facebook Page or type in "Betel Centre" in the search field located at the top of your Facebook page. The search should turn up our profile. (In fact, we should appear right at the top of the list after you search.) At the left of the Betel logo in the search results, you’ll see the word "Like." Click the word "Like" and you’ll be connected to us on Facebook.

Always log off of Facebook once you are done your session. To do so, go to the top right corner of your Facebook screen and press the “Account” link. A menu will drop down and you can click on the last option, which reads "Logout." The Facebook home page will now appear, and the next user will have to enter his or her e-mail and password to access Facebook.

Facebook can seem intimidating. The best way to become comfortable with it is to play around. Add information to your profile and find and add friends. If you have questions, you can visit the Facebook Help Centre: go to "your account" at the top right of your Facebook page. The second last item in the drop down menu is the Help Center.