Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Attends Passover Seder at the Bernard Betel Centre

On Friday, April 19, the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, attended the 48th Annual Community Passover Seder hosted by the Bernard Betel Centre.

The community Seder is an annual event sponsored this year by the Bernard Betel Centre, CIJA, Circle of Care, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Association of Jewish Seniors that welcomed over 210 seniors, their families, and community members to celebrate the first Seder. The event provided a traditional experience, with a kosher meal, the telling of the Passover story, songs and is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to celebrate Passover with others in the community.

“Passover commemorates the Jewish exodus from Egypt and freedom from slavery, with retelling the story of the exodus at the heart of this important holiday. With Passover and Easter coinciding this year, it is especially meaningful to mark the beginning of Passover at the Bernard Betel Centre with Prime Minister Trudeau and reflect on our freedoms as Canadians to practice and celebrate our faiths openly.”
– Michael Levitt, MP for York Centre

Thank you to all that attended and to everyone that helped make this year’s Seder a special and memorable event!

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