Travel the World with the Betel Centre!

For more than 30 years, the Bernard Betel Centre has been offering organized group tours to a variety of locations around the globe. Indeed, only Africa and Antarctica yet remain to be explored by us, and likely not for long!

Our trips have proven to be very popular among our members for many reasons. Expert Betel staff design, develop and lead all trips ensuring that all details have been taken care of, eliminating the stress of planning itineraries, finding suitable travel arrangements and accommodations, and figuring out foreign transportation systems, currency and language on your own. Our staff Tour Leaders alleviate any issues or challenges that arise, allowing you to relax, enjoy and explore!

Betel’s group travel program significantly reduces your travel costs, as we pass on to you the benefit of group rates for transportation, accommodations and entrance fees. We bundle portage fees, tipping and taxes so there are no out-of-pocket administrative fees you pay once you have left home. Our accommodations are four star with modern and immaculate ground transportation. We engage only professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic local tour guides.

The most attractive element of Betel’s group travel program is social: the bonding, building of community and friendships that are made when people travel together, and sharing experiences and adventure together. It should not be a surprise that a significant number of our members are repeat travellers, often joining us two, three, or even four times a year with friends they’ve made on previous trips!

We are proud that our inclusive trips cater to a wide range of interests. Depending upon the destination, your experience will include many or all of the major sites, culinary specialties, local culture and the arts, theatre, dance, music, historical and archaeological sites, and nature. We also highlight any Jewish Heritage aspects of the destinations we visit.

So we invite you to visit our Trips & Travel page, browse and get excited about our 2020 destinations. A valid current membership is required for anyone travelling with us. Your membership allows you to participate in many additional fabulous opportunities at Betel. We look forward to meeting and travelling with you, as you join our vibrant and intrepid family of Betel travellers.

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