Staying Home When Your Are Sick

Flu season is upon us, and we want to remind all our community to stay home if you are feeling unwell. Staying home when you are sick is important to avoid spreading the illness and making your friends, our volunteers, other members, and our staff sick, to recover properly, and allowing your body the time and rest it needs.

Here are some tips to help strengthen your immune system and help prevent the spread of illness:

  • cover your cough with your sleeve,
  • stay at home if you are unwell,
  • wash your hands often,
  • get enough rest and regular exercise,
  • eat well and drink water regularly,
  • do not share dishes and utensils,
  • get the flu shot,
  • clean shared items and surfaces, and
  • avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth.

For more information, visit the Toronto Public Health website or call 311.


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