Expanded Meals on Wheels Program

Join us in wishing the Bernard Betel Centre Food Services department a warm mazel-tov as they move our expanded Meals on Wheels program to the Reena Toby and Henry Battle Centre building at 927 Clark Avenue West in Thornhill, ON. In cooperation with Reena, the Bernard Betel Centre will be able to expand our Meals on Wheels program with increased kitchen capacity and compete in food supply tenders which are currently limited due to our existing small kitchen.

Our vision is that the Bernard Betel Reena Culinary Training Program will provide training to approximately 20-25 Reena participants each year in an intensive 12-week training period. These individuals will be taught cooking and food services under the supervision and guidance of our Bernard Betel Centre professional chefs who have experience working with individuals with barriers to employment. The participants will be trained in all facets of the food services industry including safe food handling, cooking, baking, presentation, serving, and administration. By addressing the root causes of poverty, the Bernard Betel Reena Culinary Training Program is aimed at empowering these individuals, many whom face barriers to employment by providing training opportunities to learn job and life skills in the Betel Reena kitchen. The primary focus of the learning will be to support the preparation of the Bernard Betel Centre’s expanded Meals on Wheels program. Reena will enhance their client education and skills improvement process by providing these individuals with professional food services training and experience.

The Bernard Betel Centre’s Café (located at 1003 Steeles Ave. West) remains open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday and is available for catering of special occasions, take-out  or life cycle events.

For further information about our Meals on Wheels program, please click HERE or contact Alla Kolova at 416 225-2112, ext. 134 or allak@betelcentre.org, or contact Mark Adler at 416-225-2112, ext. 185 or marka@betelcentre.org.

To apply become a volunteer Meals on Wheels Driver, please click HERE.

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