Feature Volunteer – Naum Kogan

Naum Kogan has been volunteering in the Bernard Betel Centre Computer Department since 2018. His friendly personality and plethora of knowledge has made him a favourite among our members and participants, and a key member of our volunteer team.

Naum came to Canada from Moldova in 1988, and during his stop over in immigration in Italy, he met his wife to be, who is from Belarus. They came to Canada, married here, and had son. Naum was a mathematician in Moldova, teaching mathematics to high school students. In Canada, he worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company for over 20 years as a Program Analyst. Naum is a history buff, he loves tennis, the theatre and movies, and enjoys a good hearty conversation about any of these topics. His son has recently given him what he refers to as “the best gift he ever received”, his 4 month old granddaughter.

After Naum retired at 65, he wasn’t satisfied just sitting around, so he worked for Elections Canada in all three levels of government. Between elections, he searched for a meaningful volunteer opportunity, where he could give back to the community and use his extensive knowledge. He found the Bernard Betel Centre and quickly made himself indispensable to the Computer Department family. Naum loves to volunteer and he helps out in Open Lab and all variety of classes. He is reliable. committed, and willing to jump in at a moment’s notice.

Naum’s enthusiasm, his love of volunteering, and desire to always learn, is a daily inspiration. Thank you Naum, for all you do!

Interested in joining the Bernard Betel Centre volunteer team? Click HERE or contact Cheryl Besner at cherylb@betelcentre.org or 416-225-2112, ext. 127.


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