21 thoughts on “Virtual Programming”

  1. Many thanks for keeping the community together…I look forward to seeing the programming when I can…

  2. Kudos to Bernard Betel and it’s staff and volunteers for keeping us connected, informed and entertained during this horrific pandemic.
    Particularly thx an appreciation to MariaLindgren, Jen MacDonald, Carolyn Peters, Judy Weinryb, Harvey and Judy Skolnick, Viviane Abecassis-Kandravy, Ron Birman, to name just a few.(
    Thank you Guys, keep it up.
    Simon Abecassis

    1. Hi Rose, you can visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/betelcentre If you have a Facebook account, please Like and Follow the page, then you will get notifications when there is a Live video (such as the concert tomorrow). If not, feel free to pop onto the Betel Facebook page at 1pm tomorrow and you should see the concert pop up. You may need to refresh the page a couple times. Hope that helps!

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