Travel Photography Contest Winners!

In our Winter session, which wrapped up in late March, our Travel Photography class, taught by Frank Cosentino, ran a contest with the students for the best travel photo. The winning photo and the runner up, displayed such talent and are very deserving of winning top spots.

Congratulations to the winner, Carolyn Peters, for the photo ‘Eiffel Tower’ which she took in Paris, France. Carolyn’s photo uses two composition techniques (perspective and framing), and from a technical perspective, the photo is properly focused and well lit which helps to clearly define the intricate lines of the massive structure. Carolyn took care to get part of the tree branches into the frame which helps to portray the grandeur of the height and structure of the tower. Excellent work Carolyn!


Congratulation to the runner up, Lubba Gatt, for the photo ‘Nan Lian Garden’ which was taken in Hong Kong. Lubba took this photo from a bus using an iPhone. The vibrant colours of the garden posed against the dark blue sky makes it very pleasing to the eye. The photo uses the ‘centering’ composition technique, and the photographer captured the beauty and tranquility of this famous garden landmark. Well done Lubba!


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