A Message from Gail Gould, Executive Director

During the early weeks of 2021, we continue to be reminded of the horrific impact COVID-19 is having across the globe. We are all affected one way or another by this devastating and life threatening virus. We are all practicing physical distancing, hand sanitizing and the mandatory wearing of masks and other PPE, and of course the difficult isolation and separation from family and friends.

Being the optimist I am, we are also reminded that the days are getting longer, we marvel as the sun sparkles on the crisp white snow, and the freshness and cold of winter paves the way for the eventual rebirth of our plants, flowers and vegetation.

This week, we celebrate the Jewish festival of Tu B’Shevat beginning the evening of January 27.  As we know, Tu B’Shevat has developed into an ecological holiday that reminds us of our connection to the earth, that spring is coming and to our role as caretakers of the environment. In contemporary Israel, the day is acknowledged as an ecological awareness day when trees are planted in celebration. This year, despite our mandated isolation and our government’s and public health orders to remain at home if not an essential service, we still have much to be thankful for.

We are thankful for those family and friends that check in on us on a regular basis, that buy our groceries, that shovel our snow. We are thankful for our health care workers who are working tirelessly to ensure our health and safety. We are thankful for our delivery services and postal workers. We are thankful for our grocery and produce stores and workers. We are thankful for those organizations like the Bernard Betel Centre that continue to provide excellent, nourishing Meals on Wheels and over a hundred stimulating online programs and teleconferencing program opportunities. We are thankful for each other.

Despite our loneliness, we are not alone. We are part of a strong, vibrant, caring and compassionate community of staff, volunteers, members and community participants. We are the Bernard Betel Centre, a community centre for adults 55+ who study together, laugh together and navigate through these difficult times…. together. Join us 5 days a week for excellent programs and connect to each other. Participate in our Meals on Wheels  program  to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition and sustenance. Let us know if you need a friendly virtual ‘visit’ or phone call. Let us know how we can make a difference in your life and support you during these difficult times. We are here for you. You are not alone….

With respect and admiration,

Gail Gould
Executive Director

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  1. Love the gentle fitness classes, news & Smooze and all the other programs. Thank you
    Betel Centre for all that you do for the senior community.❤️Marion Kashin

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