Behind the Numbers are Individual People

Across the country, volunteers share their time, skills and energy to create change within their local communities. Our Betel volunteer team is part of this collective impact.

We are very proud of the impact made by our Betel volunteers. Here are some examples of how they have contributed over the past year.

  • 175 community volunteers gave 13,400 hours of service
  • 64 corporate volunteers gave 240 hours of service
  • 136 volunteers generously donated 7,900 hours to prep, pack and deliver 159,000 meals to seniors in our community
  • 61 volunteers kept our seniors engaged and contributed 2,640 hours facilitating or assisting with virtual and on-site programs
  • 23 volunteers who actively contributed during the pandemic have reached a milestone level of service

Impact can also been measured through the experiences of our clients and members. As our Board President Marcus Staviss said, “Behind the numbers are individual people. It’s not just about the help you give others, it’s also about the relationships you create.” Our seniors were very happy to share their feelings about our Betel volunteer team.

“You couldn’t ask for better or more knowledgeable volunteers. I am blind in my left eye and it is difficult to see the small print. The volunteers are aware of my challenge and are extra careful explaining things to me and showing me what to do.”

“I think he’s just amazing! I look so forward to coming to his classes! He knows just when to bring in the humor and is so knowledgeable.”

“I look forward to my meal delivery for two reasons: scrumptious meals and seeing the friendly face of a volunteer. Lately, this is one of the few people I get to see.”

“We are amazed and forever grateful for the warmth and care of the volunteers who deliver our meals. Even though we do not speak the same language volunteers always try to talk to us and make us feel good.”

“During the pandemic, my situation worsened because I did not want anyone to come to my house, and I became very isolated. I am grateful to those volunteers who knock and bring food to my door. It is safe and gives me a sense of connection with other people and reduces my isolation.”

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