The Betel Family: A Generation of Service

Many have said that the Betel Centre is their second home and is a place where they feel comfortable and welcome. We consider everyone connected with the centre part of the Betel family. Volunteers are a key member of this family. Past generations of families and friends coming together to volunteer and create a collective impact of community service for seniors.

The impact of generational volunteering is seen in the following volunteer stories. Welcome to our Betel family!

Dorie Lewis and Chippy Blimbaum volunteer twice a week in our Meals on Wheels program preparing and packing meals. They share a strong work ethic, boundless energy and a passion for helping others. Their parents valued community service and the sisters grew up with an understanding that giving back is expected. Dorie remembers her father always said, “There but for the Grace of God…everyone needs something but if you don’t need to take, share what you have.” Dorie and Chippy are following in their parent’s footsteps and continuing their legacy of service. Read Dorie and Chippy’s full story here:

Cari and Ros Galin are sister-in-laws. They are volunteering to honour the memory of Cari’s mother who loved the Betel centre and was an active volunteer for 11 years. It was when they were clearing out her mother’s apartment, Cari suggested to Ros that they volunteer together at Betel. They joined the volunteer team and every Thursday, assist with meal production for the Meals on Wheels program. Cari says, “We like assisting with meal prep – we like the people we are volunteering with and it is a good cause. You feel better when you leave.”  Ros adds, “It’s all about the food.” It is also all about family. Read Cari and Ros’ full story here:

Dorie Lewis and Chippy Blimbaum
Cari and Ros Galin

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