Volunteer Story: With a Passion and Love for Yiddish Culture

In April 2015, Dr. Zelina Iskanderova became a member of the Betel Centre and joined as a volunteer on the Members’ Council. After seeing the benefits gained by both her mother and mother-in-law who participated in Betel programs, she felt, “obligated to give back to the centre.” She knew she could contribute by assisting in the extension and enhancement of the programs and activities, and helping to maintain high programming standards.

Zelina holds a PH.D in Physics and was the first female Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Science. In retirement, she continues to actively participate in Research and Development providing her professional expertise globally. In addition to her professional work, Zelina has a busy family life and is blessed with five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. In addition to volunteering, she leads a monthly program for our Russian Golden Age Cultural program.

On May 15, 2010, using her lifelong passion for Yiddish language and culture, Zelina gave her first presentation. 13 years later, she continues to lead a program highlighting a variety of Yiddish and Jewish composers, singers, actors and other entertainers. If you have not already, we invite you to attend one of Zelina’s lively and enlightening presentations.

Zelina’s next presentation will be with the Russian Golden Age Cultural Program on Sunday, August 13 at 10:00 am. Please note this program will be in Russian:

Памяти Выдающихся Деятелей Культуры – Членов Еврейского Антифашистского Комитета
Лекции-Презентации. Легкое угощение. Светлой памяти замечательных деятелей еврейской культуры, входивших в Еврейский Антифашистский  Комитет – выдающихся еврейских поэтов, писателей, литераторов, актеров и просветителей – будет посвящена эта Лекция – Презентация. Вы услышите написанные ими прекрасные стихи, песни и музыку, увидите записи отрывков из пьес и известных фильмов, поставленных с их участием. Автор Лекции-Презентации Зелина Искандерова Стоимость: Дбесплатно
13 августа
10:00 ам

In memory of Outstanding Cultural Figures – Members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Union
This presentation will be devoted to the bright memory of the remarkable figures of Jewish culture, included in the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, outstanding Jewish poets, writers, writers, actors and educators. You will hear recorded beautiful poems, songs and music, see excerpts from plays and musical films recorded with their participation. Includes light refreshments. Cost: Free
Date: August 13
Time: 10:00 am

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