Message from Marcus Staviss, President, Board of Directors

Dear Bernard Betel Centre Community:

It is a heartbreaking time for the Jewish community in Israel and worldwide. Images are seared into our minds of the unthinkable atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists against innocent civilians in Israel. Closer to home, we see growth in open displays of antisemitism right here in the Greater Toronto Area’s streets, workplaces, schools, university campuses and online. We are sad, angry, and horrified. It is hard to know where to turn and how to feel safe.

You are not alone. Our community is strong!

Bernard Betel Centre is committed to provide a safe, supportive environment. We have increased our security procedures in the last few weeks. I would like to thank our partners at UJA Community Security, Toronto and York Region Police, and our incredible Betel staff for trying to ensure the safety of our members, volunteers, and community. We appreciate your support of our new security protocols. We hope to see you at the centre soon, where we can be together and share our collective strength with each other.

For 80 years, we have exclaimed “NEVER AGAIN.” Now is the time to speak out once again as a community, and to support one another. We must speak up about the value and sanctity of all human life. On behalf of the Betel Board and Staff, I extend our deep and unwavering support to you, and our strong stance with the people of Israel and Jews in Toronto and worldwide.

We pray for an end to antisemitism, to the safe and immediate return of all those being held hostage, to the protection of those defending us and to peace and safety for us all.

Am Yisrael Chai

Marcus Staviss
President, Board of Directors
Bernard Betel Centre

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