Our Impact

In the year 2020, the Bernard Betel Centre team has:

  • Have been serving seniors in the community for 56 years.
  • 2,430 active members.
  • 1,432 members live in the City of Toronto and 966 members living in York Region.
  • Over 120 on-site programs (before the onset of COVID-19) each week including recreation, education, health promotion, language, special events, trips and travel, and community support services.
  • Connected over 550 participants each week to 148 engaging online and phone conferencing programs each month during COVID-19.
  • 267 community volunteers gave 10,450 hours of service, and 29 corporate volunteers gave 112 hours of service.
  • Over 80,000 meals on wheels delivered to the community.
  • 20 Healthy at Home sites brought programs and healthy kosher lunches to over 4,200 isolated seniors since inception, including outdoor balcony concerts and meal program at 9 locations for 4,300 seniors during COVID-19.
  • 15 at-risk seniors and elder abuse victims accessed services and support.
  • Connected 1,015 vulnerable seniors and Holocaust survivors living in extreme poverty and isolation to local food programs.
  • 200 clients received assistance with applications, forms, information and referrals.
  • 21,619 check-in and security calls were made to over 7,900 seniors during COVID-19 helping seniors navigate resources such as social programming, grocery and food programs, mental health resources and more.
  • 300 Holocaust survivors attend our monthly in-person Café Europa program (before the onset of COVID-19).
  • 1,454 Chiropody patients accessed needed foot care services.