Health Promotion & Wellness

Learn about the latest health information from the experts. Wellness lectures and events provide an opportunity to learn about common health concerns and risk factors, and get tips on prevention and treatment options to best manage your physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Take part in our various wellness events, workshops, support groups, health fairs and more!

For more information about health promotion and wellness programs, please contact Maria Lindgren at 416-225-2112, ext. 130 or


Join us every Thursday from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm for a weekly wellness lecture on various topics of health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, disease prevention, alternative therapy, mental health, and much more! Admission is free.


Valentine’s Day: Heart Health
Thursday, February 14
This Valentine’s Day, let’s think of keeping our heart healthy!
Speaker: Talia Marcheggiani, Naturopathic Doctor

How To Not Lose Muscle Mass
Thursday, February 21
Muscle mass loss is a big problem for older adults. Learn tips on how to retain and even rebuild muscle mass.
Speaker: Yossi Strauch, Dance Teacher

Fad Diets
Thursday, February 28
Paleo, vegan, keto? What are these fad diets and are they beneficial?
Speaker: Alexandra Sisam, Naturopathic Doctor

Finding Purpose
Thursday, March 7
We will discuss the ‘secret sauce to life’ and how to age gracefully with happiness and health!
Speaker: Shirley Edwards, Life Coach, Elder Planning Counselor

Resiliency and Self Care
Thursday, March 14
Dealing with the tough parts of life is different for everyone. Join us as we discuss how to bounce back and take care of ourselves.
Speaker: Debbie Bauer, Occupational Therapist

Posture and Alignment
Thursday, March 21
Learn chair exercises you can do at home to help with posture and alignment of the body using the Mitzvah Technique.
Speaker: Susan Green, Mitzvah Technique

Smoothie Workshop
Thursday, March 28
Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to add more fruit and vegetables into your life. We will look at the difference between smoothies and juices, some taste combinations, making preparation quick and easy, how to supercharge your smoothies and more! Learn how to create healthy smoothies, then drink up the fruits (and veg!) of your labour! This is a 1.5 hour presentation.
Speaker: Maria Lindgren, Health Promoter


Memory Boosters
Stay sharp and challenge your mind with riddles, puzzles, games and trivia as part of a fun and energetic group. Drop in.
Every Thursday • 11:15 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Auditorium

Laughter Yoga
Learn the health benefits of laughter! No exercise required. Instructor: Joyce Solomon
Thursday, January 25
Thursday, February 15
Thursday, March 15
12:15 pm – 1:15 pm
Location: Auditorium

Documentary Screening: Cyber-Seniors
Cyber- Seniors is a comedic documentary that follows the extraordinary journey of several senior citizens as they discover the magic of the world-wide-web, through the guidance of teenaged mentors. Their exploration of cyber-space is catapulted to a whole new level when 89 year-old Shura decided to create a YouTube cooking tutorial. This sets the ball in motion for a spirited YouTube competition where hidden talents and competitive spirits are revealed. The film is heartwarming, candid and humours, and provides insight into the wonderful things that can happen when generation gaps are bridged, and new ways of connecting are explored.
Wednesday, February 27
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm