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Join us for various weekly programs including discussion groups, workshops and lectures, led by experts in their field or university professors, about arts and culture, history, current events, religion, travel, and more.

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Join us every Tuesday at 10:30 am for a weekly lecture on various topics including arts, culture, history, religion, current events and more. Price is $5 at the door. Drop in. No registration required.

The Latest Trends in Communication, Culture and Traditions in Scandinavian Countries (onsite)
This presentation will look at tools for effective communication in Scandinavian cultures, including a discussion on the culture and traditions of these countries. Included in this interactive discussion will be the world’s most famous researchers in the field of effective communication, controversial issues of happiness in communication and traditions of Scandinavian countries. Facilitator: Olesia Sulchuk
Tuesday, January 10

Growing Up Jewish in Jamaica (onsite)
Willy was born in Kingston, Jamaica and will discuss growing up Jewish in Jamaica, the little known fact that Jewish history in Jamaica stretches back to the start of colonial history and how Jamaica saved nearly 1000 Jews fleeing the Holocaust. Facilitator: Wifred Lindo
Tuesday, January 17

Traditional Chinese Culture and its role in the Modern World (onsite)
Join the presenters of Shen Yun Performing Arts Show as we take a look China before Communism and the role traditional China has played in our multicultural society. Facilitator: Jane Pang, Shen Yun Performing Arts
Tuesday, January 24

Mental Health & Mental Wellness: How To Make Yourself a Priority (onsite)
Everyone goes through struggles with their mental health and wellness throughout the year, but the winter months can be especially tough. Join us to discuss techniques to improve our mental health and wellness with JACS Toronto. Facilitator: Orit Tordjman, JACS Toronto
Tuesday, January 31

A Look at Portraits: Group-Portraits, Self-Portraits & Hidden Self -Portraits (online)
A portrait can be a sculpture, a painting or a photograph. There are several varieties of portraits and artists have also included their own image in a crowded scene of their painting where the self-portrait was or not the main subject. A self-portrait can be used as a signature (Van Gogh, Rembrandt), as a narrative self-portrait where the image depicts as a character (Frida Kahlo), as a study of facial expressions, as a self-study of an exploration to see beyond the image in the mirror and begin to search into the soul. Facilitator: Rachel Levin
Tuesday, February 7
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
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Rosh HaShanah (New Year) for Trees
Tu B’Shvat was celebrated yesterday! How many New Years do Jews have? How are we comparable to tress? Do we really grow? How can we grow? Trees have long roots, how deep are your roots? Facilitator: Rabbi Chai Cohen
Tuesday, February 7

Romance in Musicals
It’s Valentines Day! From West Side Story to My Fair Lady, from the Phantom of the Opera to Singing’ in the Rain, let’s explore the theme of romance in classical musicals. Facilitator: Daniel Aonso – Circles Enrichment
Tuesday, February 14

The Present and Future of Energy
How will the world find its future energy sources? Join us as we find some answers to monumental questions. Facilitator: Arnold Gilis
Tuesday, February 21

Leonardo’s Women: One Almost Gone, Another Almost Came Back
Stories about the artist, Leonardo Da Vinci that you may have not heard! Who is the real Mona Lisa? Whose portrait is in the Louvre Museum in Paris? Are some of Leonardo’s work in an underground vault of a Swiss bank? Learn more about this artist! Facilitator: Victor Rodos
Tuesday, February 28


Antisemitism: The World’s Oldest Hatred (on-site)
Antisemitism is an ancient and deeply embedded hostility towards the Jews. Even after the atrocities of the Holocaust, it has persisted and is emerging today out of the shadows once again. In this course we will explore the fundamental questions and issues that this raises with particular emphasis on its contemporary manifestations. We will explore online hate and how it spreads anti-Semitic falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and tropes. We will also examine the ways in which antisemitism is confronted and handled today in hopes of curbing if not eliminating it. Facilitator: Amnon Zohar, International Relations Expert
Mondays, January 9 – March 6 (8 weeks)
No class February 20
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Price:$80 member, $160 non-member

Let’s Have Fun with Classical Music! (on-site)
Remember that classical and orchestral music is fun! Forget what you were ordered to do by your parents or high school teacher (practice, practice, practice). These presentation will return to the real joy of music. Topics include: Classical Music in Popular Culture, Spoofs on Classical Music, Sexy Classical Music, Tango Music, What the Mavens Hate about Classical Music and Leroy Anderson – an American Original. Facilitator: Howard Mednick, Classical Music DJ
Thursdays, January 12 – February 16 (6 weeks)
10:00 am – 11:30 am
Price:$60 member, $120 non-member

The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome (online)
Rome started out as a small, fortified village on a hill near the Tiber River about 2800 years ago. Within about 600 years of its foundation, it ruled most of Western Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. The effects of its culture can still be seen today in the Neo-Classical architecture found all over North America. This course will introduce you to the history, art, and archaeology of this great culture of the ancient world. Instructor: David Lipovitch, PhD
Monday, January 9 – March 20 (9 weeks)
No class January 23 or February 20
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Price: $90 members, $180 non members

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