We have began to welcome patients back to the chiropody clinic. We are working hard to provide the safest environment possible strictly following all of the health and safety protocols by our governing body and those recommended by government health officials. Please click HERE to review what’s new in the clinic, what you can expect at your appointment, what is required of all patients, and safety and sanitation protocols. We appreciate how eager you are about returning to the Bernard Betel Centre for chiropody, and look forward to welcoming you back, however, all patients must abide by our strict policies and procedures. Please read thoroughly, and ensure that you are comfortable and understand, prior to coming for your appointment.

Мы возобновили прием пациентов в нашей клинике Хироподии. Мы напряженно работаем, чтобы обеспечить максимальнo  возможную  безопасность,  строго соблюдая все протоколы  безопасности и  охраны здоровья, рекомендованныe  государственными органами здравоохранения  и нашим руководством. В этом документе мы хотим Вас проинформировать о том, что нового в клинике,  что Bы можете ожидать на приеме, что требуется от всех пациентов, а также o протоколax  безопасности и охраны здоровья. Мы ценим Bаше стремление вернуться в Центр Бернарда Бетеля  и с нетерпением ждем возможности приветствовать Bас, однако все пациенты должны соблюдать строгие правила и процедуры, изложенные в этом документе. Пожалуйста, внимательно прочитайте и убедитесь, что Bы чувствуете себя комфортно и понимаете о чем идет речь, прежде чем прийти в Центр.


Chiropodists at the Bernard Betel Centre provide dry foot care services including routine nail care, reduction of corns and calluses, management of ingrown nails, and foot care education. We do not provide services such as pedicures or nail polish application or removal. This clinic is for current members only.

We are not currently accepting any new patients.

For more information about the Chiropody Clinic, please call 416-225-2112, ext. 131 or email Have a question? Check out our Chiropody Clinic FAQ.

Chiropody Referral List

Chiropody Policy (English)
Chiropody Policy (Russian)

Patient Checklist (English)
Patient Checklist (Russian)


There are no upcoming on-site clinics due to COVID-19. For a list of our online virtual programs, please click HERE.

All of our screening clinics are free of charge unless otherwise stated. For more information or an appointment, please contact Maria Lindgren at 416-225-2112, ext. 130 or

Blood Sugar Clinic – Test your blood sugar and receive information on how to manage it with Vaughan Community Health Centre. Drop in.

Hearing Aid Clinic  – Learn about the latest hearing technology, get your hearing aid cleaned and more! Brought to you by Hear for Life. Drop in. No appointment necessary.

Hearing Screening Clinic – Have your hearing tested, check for wax build up and ask questions. Run by the Canadian Hearing Society. Appointments in Russian and English. For an appointment, please call 416-225-2112, ext. 113.

Talk to a Naturopth – Join Naturopathic Doctor, Alexandra Sisam, for a one-on-one 30 minute sit down appointment. Appointment required. No drop ins. For an appointment, please call 416-225-2112, ext. 113.

Reiki Clinic – Enjoy a 1 hour Reiki appointment with a Reiki Master from BodyTalk Thornhill Clinic. $10 per appointment. Appointment required. For an appointment, please call 416-225-2112, ext. 113.


All of our social work clinics are free of charge. For more information or an appointment, please contact Irine Dubinski at 416-225-2112, ext. 122 or

Service Navigation & Information Clinic – Clinic will provide assistance with application and forms, and access to services and resources. By appointment only. Please contact Irine Dubinski at 416-225-2112, ext. 122 or to book an appointment.

Drop-in Social Work Clinic – A social worker from Circle of Care will provide assistance with applications, forms, information and referral.