Reaching New Heights in the Meals on Wheels Program

During United Way Greater Toronto’s Day of Caring event a few months ago, we met Graham Wells. Graham is a corporate volunteer with Bank of Montreal (BMO) and, together with his co-workers, assisted with our Meals on Wheels program. While delivering meals, Graham noticed that on the door of one of the clients, the mezuzah cover was missing.

A mezuzah serves two functions: First, every time you enter or leave, the mezuzah reminds you that you have a covenant with G-d, and second, the mezuzah serves as a symbol to everyone else that this particular dwelling is constituted as a Jewish household, operating by a special set of rules, rituals, and beliefs.

Knowing the significance of this symbol, Graham offered to purchase the cover for the client. The client was overwhelmed by Graham’s kindness and accepted his offer. We thank Graham for his generosity and for going above and beyond his volunteer role.

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