Message from Gail Gould, Executive Director: Toronto Challenge  

In our next edition of Connect!, our Board President and I talk about how Betel is a diverse community filled with a richness of cultures, religions, languages, and practices. It is a more than a building, but a community where you can volunteer, teach, learn, engage, and participate in a myriad of activities, services, and programs. It is a community of support and caring of each other, whether you are a member, volunteer, community participant, or staff. Our staff are truly privileged to provide support and meaning to the lives of our community whom we provide services and programs.

We have not raised our membership fees in five years. Our goal has been to keep membership financially accessible to our community, however, at the same time, we have not received an increase in funding from our government funders or our other social service funders to continue the work that you have grown accustomed to. As many of you know, we have continued to fundraise, not only to feed the 600 to 1,000 seniors whom we are feeding three times per week, all who live in poverty, but have done necessary repairs in the building (a new roof and HVAC system) in recent months. This is all to say, we need your HELP!

On Sunday, June 11, a number of Betel staff and Board members will be participating in the Toronto Challenge. This 5km walk, 1km walk, or 5km run is organized by the City of Toronto to raise money for senior serving organizations.

100% of the money raised in support of Betel goes to Betel. Please sponsor one of our staff or me, as we raise our goal of $15,000. To contribute to the Toronto Challenge please click HERE, or to donate to my fundraising page click HERE.


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