Our Meals on Wheels are Critical and Lifesaving

How important are our Meals on Wheels to the vulnerable seniors that receive them? This is what a few of our clients are saying…
“I am a meal recipient and am most grateful to everyone involved in this program. It is keeping me in my own home, in a safe and comfortable way. Thanks to everyone involved in all aspects of this wonderful care.”
“Since I became ill and have undergone treatment, my health drastically deteriorated and I’m no longer able to go outside and cook for myself. I was in a desperate situation since I have no one to help me. When I found out from neighbour about your program I was relieved, because now I had one less problem to worry about. There is not enough words to express my gratitude for everything you have done for me. Thank you so much for the meals.”
“I’m an 80 year old senior who is barely making ends meet. Before I found out about your Meals on Wheels program, I would go for weeks without eating real food. With rising cost of food, I could not afford to buy meat and veggies and was mostly relying on canned soups and pasta. Thank you so much for such tasty meals that are kosher, and most importantly free. Of course 3 meals are not enough, but it’s 3 meals more that had before.”
Our Meals on Wheels are critical and lifesaving. Your support with a donation or purchasing a ticket can save a life. To purchase tickets click https://2023-Tribute-Event.eventbrite.ca or call 416-225-2221, ext. 0. To make a donation please click www.betelcentre.org/donate-now, or call 416-225-2112, ext. 0.

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