Message from Bernard Betel Centre Members’ Council

Happy New Year.

It has been a while since our last communication, and we wanted to provide you with some updates. We can all agree that the past three years have been most challenging for everyone, on so many levels. The Centre closed its doors on March 17, 2020 and began to offer various programs online via Zoom platform. Members’ Council continued to meet each month using Zoom as well.

Members’ Council is a committee that acts as a liaison between the Executive Director (Management) and Bernard Betel Centre members, as well as to seniors within the community. The Council serves to provide feedback and input on important membership issues, along with program and policy development.

The Council is committed to participating in fundraising opportunities, to raise awareness and bring the greater community together. We remain receptive to recommendations and suggestions that will improve the well being of our members and the general environment within the Centre.

On April 4, 2022 the Centre “opened its doors” and welcomed our members back to in-person participation. Not all services have resumed, as we need to remain cautious to maintain the health and safety of all members.

In May 2022, the Council resumed its monthly meetings in-person, observing physical distancing and wearing masks, as the health and wellness of our members is of great priority.

We have heard that members have been pleased to resume and attend in-person programs, and we continue to offer programs on a virtual basis, for those that prefer this option.

If you are interested, or have ideas, and would like to make a difference…. Members’ Council welcomes you. The basic requirement for joining is that you must be a current Betel member, in good standing for a minimum one year, and have participated in programs.

Application forms may be obtained from the Front Reception Desk.


Bernard Betel Centre Members’ Council

Hava Aharoni, Chair
Vivian Magulis, Secretary
Susan Argintaru
Sandy Bokser
Phyllis Caplan
Benny Domb
Zelina Iskanderova
Jackie Rotem

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