Warren’s Toronto Challenge!

Warren Cooper has been a member of the Bernard Betel Centre since 2019 and adores the Chiropody team as well as takes part in courses, computer classes, and special events.

Warren saw the Betel Centre’s May E-Newsletter looking for walkers for the Toronto Challenge. Since he was unavailable to take part on the actual day of the event, he has decided to take on his own walking challenge at the age of 80! Warren has a goal to walk 500,000 steps in 30 days. For every 1,000 steps he takes, he will donate 49 cents to the Bernard Betel Centre and will come in weekly to update on his progress. Warren came in last week to donate $68.99 to commemorate 140,000+ steps he took this past week!

Prior to 2019, Warren had a medical condition which limited his mobility. Coming from an active lifestyle of cycling, hiking and cross-country skiing, this was very difficult. After finally receiving a diagnosis and undergoing surgery, Warren was able to resume walking and it is now his passion which is what inspired him to put this challenge upon himself!

Warren wants to give back to the centre and challenges everyone over 80 to try to get as many steps a day as possible! Way to go Warren!

If you would like to join the Bernard Betel Centre team, please complete the registration form and email it to Maria Lindgren at marial@betelcentre.org or Katie Mohr at katiem@betelcentre.org*important note: we are waiving the registration fee for Bernard Betel Centre members and volunteers (it will be covered by Betel) as we want the event to be accessible to all!*

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  1. That’s my Dad (and our Zaida)!!! We’re proud of you and grateful that you are able to participate in your usual exuberant fashion. Wishing you and the Betel Centre much success in reaching your goals. P.S. kudos to whoever wrote the article on a lovely job.

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