Volunteer Services Update: Volunteer Recognition Survey 2023

Last month a survey was sent to our active Betel volunteers asking for their feedback on our recent Volunteer Recognition event and volunteer recognition in general.  Thank you to those who completed the survey. Prior to the pandemic, it was tradition for us to host an annual volunteer dinner. This year, we decided to make a change and hold a cocktail reception. In the survey, 60% of respondents rated this new format the highest among all options. Volunteers enjoyed this venue as it provided an opportunity to mingle, connect with old friends and meet new people. In second place at 36.5% was the formal dinner.

You provided many great ideas on how to improve our annual event and also made suggestions on how we can further recognize our volunteers throughout the year. We know your motivation for volunteering is very personal and for many, you feel recognition is not necessary. Our goal is that every Betel volunteer feels appreciated and valued in a way that is meaningful for them. Your feedback will help us meet this goal. Thank you!

-Cheryl Besner, Manager, Volunteer Services

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